Practical Book Review #2

1900 words/7 pages

I want this complaint be attended to within ten minutes and I like to have an explanation for this lapse from you . I take the passbook and return within ten minutes , the mistake duly corrected .By that time , the Regional Manager has cooled down . and I say , ``Sir , the Officer of the concerned department is waiting outside the cabin , and seeks permission to meet you ' ``What ' asks the Regional Manager ? ``Are you not in charge of this department ? Why don...

Analytical Book Review

2362 words/9 pages

Rwanda rot . In an address to the Press Corps the then President Clinton 's only interest cantered around getting American citizens out of the country , he mentioned nothing about helping the natives or the dangers to their lives (http /www .pbs .org /wgbh /pages /frontline /shows /evil /etc /slaughter .html . His words show his concern for Americans and the fact that he has no interest in the lives of anyone other than his own citizens . One very crucial incident took...

History Book Review

799 words/3 pages

In theory , this was supposed to help the poorer people , but this possibly prolonged the Depression . At this time , the Social Security program was proposed . It was a `` 200-a-month government-run retirement scheme funded by a national sales tax ' This was supposed to cure unemployment , depression , and other social problems (Powell , 79 ) In reality , this meant that the Social Security program was to make people believe that when they got too old to work , they would still be able to...

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