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Heritage Assessment

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This approach turns the attention to individual health behaviors . Individual health behaviors , such as the use of tobacco and alcohol , are important determinants of an individual 's health condition . Almost half of African-American mortality is attributable to unhealthy behaviors or lifestyles . I suppose that it is important to recognize that health behaviors are not matters of personal choice alone . Rather , health behaviors are affected by the social structure . Alcohol and tobacco use are socially accepted ways of getting relief from...

Slave Medicine

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Thomsonian system in Herbert Covey 's book : Thomsonian medicine promoted the use of vegetable emetics and tonics . The Thomsonian system held that everyone should be his /her own physician . The Thomsonian system relied heavily on the use of the seeds of the plant Lobelia Inflata , a yellowish-green plant , similar in taste to tobacco . When the patient ingested Lobelia inflata , it caused vomiting , and profuse sweating from a rise body in temperature (21 ) The 1800s was the height of segregation , and...

Slave Medicine

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According to Hurston , a slave patient often believed that the disease being experienced was a result of being cursed , and with that , it can 't be healed by any physician to remove that illness of being jinxed (1 . Since they have spiritual and herb doctors , their traditional healers were actually the first choice of the slaves , and physicians were the last option if the patient 's condition severed (Byrd Clayton 235 . Though chosen as a last resort , physicians render their...

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