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Caesar . On March 15 , 44 B . C . a day known as the ``Ides of March ' the plotters surrounded Caesar on the Senate hall and stabbed him to death . Caesar 's assassination did not end the one-man rule but instead gave rise to a long line of absolute rulers . After Caesar 's death , Cicero , the famous orator , took charge of the republic . He tried to win the people 's support by his eloquence but failed . His failure was chiefly due to...

The Death Of Ceaser

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Caesar was warned that his life was in jeopardy , he chose to disregard all advice and even paid no heed to prophecies about his own demise . It would seem as if , for one reason or other , he was in fact welcoming his death . He deliberately chose to ignore the words of the soothsayer Spurinna that he should be on his guard for threat that would come to pass no later than the Ides of March . He himself had a dream...


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HYPERLINK "http /mv .vatican .va /3_EN /pages /z-Patrons /MV_Patrons_04_03 .html " http /mv .vatican .va /3_EN /pages /z-Patrons /MV_Patrons_04_03 .html Comparison /Contrast of Rocco and Neoclassic Artistic Periods The Rocco and Neoclassic are both took place about the same time in the 18th and 19th Century . Neoclassic art came after the Rocco Period and concentrated more on the political and moral issues while during the Rocco Period , the subjects were more playful . The Rocco Period embraced the frivolities of the monarchy...

The Views Of Augustus

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Rome , merely influential . However , though intelligent and cunning Augustus may be , he was finally driven to folly when he exiled his own grandson through the fervor of his wife , Livia , so that her son and his step-son Nero would be next in line . Augustus was a strong and capable man when he was younger , but as he gets older and he became sick , the matter of who will replace him was in question . Though he raised Nero under the tutelage...

Augustus Of Ancient Rome

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At the Battle of Actium in 31 B .C , Octavian and Cleopatra 's forces were crushed , the two committing suicide the following year (Encarta , 2008 , followed by Octavian killing Caesarion , Antony 's son by Cleopatra . He returned to Rome triumphant , and more importantly , the sole ruler of the Roman world (Encarta , 2008 . Augustus Caesar : Roman Emperor Octavian was bestowed by the Roman Senate the title of ``Augustus ' meaning ``sacred ' or ``revered (Roman Empire , 2008 . This title effectively handed him control...

Reign Of Augustus Caesar 44 Bce-14 Ce (roman Empire)

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Augustus . The Roman Populace who had previously opposed anyone who presents himself as king readily accepted Augustus as their emperor . Augustus allowed the Senate to rule their Italian territories . The provinces which Rome controlled , however , directly reported to him through the governors . Augustus ' Legacy Augustus Caesar is best remembered as the first Roman Emperor . Shotter regarded him as the emperor who ``brought the city and the empire from the chaos of civil war to a system of ed and stable...

Western Civilizaion

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Interest rate risks There are many ways that company can take care of the interest rate risks . Considering a company will sell a part of its division in a year and is expecting to receive huge cash flow or makes a sudden profit during that period . At the same the company believes that the interest rates will drop to a great extent , and then it could purchase a treasury contract in the futures market . Thus the company is looking towards...

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