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It really just states that some must stagnate or fall for others to rise in any environment with given resources . On one level , the task of upper management is to make each employee feel honor and dedication to the company . On a higher level of priority , they need to consistently show an increase in the prosperity of the company itself . When the company develops wealth , the employee feels pride and satisfaction in a job well done . The paycheck comes , a...

Quality Auditing

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Feasibility analysis reports for customized s Quotations Standard operating procedures . Document control note . Design drawings record . List of approved vendors . Non conformance reports . Customer complaint reports . Interoffice correspondences . Management review reports . Internal audit reports . Training records . Validation reports , etc . The following observations were made during the audit : Positive observations : Management review was conducted before 25 days . The inputs and outputs have been recorded and documented properly . Quality Auditing 09 Internal audit was conducted 15 bays back . The audit report and...


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I was delegated to the Embassy of Burma in India , then later on to the Embassy of Burma in Bangladesh as the Third Secretary and Vice-Consul for Information and the Second Secretary and Consul of Consular and Administration , respectively . I had managed to establish and maintain constructive and cooperative working relationships with other sectors over time . Then I was assigned to Rome , Italy as a Deputy Chief of Mission to Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations . I facilitated...

Practical Application Of Auditing Principles

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GAAP requires adjustments , it is the responsibility of the CPA to perform the assignment as long as such non- adjustments of such items are not to mislead the users of financial statements . Actions required of CPA to minimize misunderstanding Financial statements of a non public company that have been compiled without audit or review should be accompanied by a report stating that compilation was performed as per Standards for Accounting and Review Services issued by AICPA , and that compilation contains...

The Changes Made Have Achieved The Goals Intended After Post-enron In Auditing Profession

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Or would it be equivalent to readiness of the company to comply with government regulations ? The issues on how to measure the improvement of internal control and auditing quality are also matter best left to companies having attained its purpose of its business . Internal control are matters within company policies and to whether the SOX has the effect of improving such internal control is still that will need a deeper analysis since these are things that cannot be known until...

Take Home Test

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In such a situation embezzlement of companies resources maybe viable . In planning the audit one considers the internal control , its through the internal control systems which are considered before planning the audit a weak internal control will require a different audit plan as compared to a strong internal control system . Limitations of internal controls . There are a number of limitations associated with internal control . One of the limitations that are associated with internal control system is lack of independence from...

Past, Present, Future

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When there is an economic boom , businesses in the country will tend to increase their profitability . On the other hand , when there is an economy recession businesses in the country will be bad . Core courses The core courses that had a major impact on my professional and personal growth were Business Law and and Auditing . This is because I learnt the legal procedures involved in setting up a business , or registering a company . I also learnt the various sources of...

Should Auditors Reports Be Independent?

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This seems to conflict with the principle of independence . Auditing is not an easy task but considered as one of the difficult tasks wherein an auditor should give significant emphasis . Though there are lots of aspects that should be given consideration , the important thing is the independence and integrity of auditor who is making the audit . An unqualified opinion means communicating a favorable signal regarding the financial position , operations ' result including the cash flows . Most auditors are using fair and...

The Role Of African Development Bank In Promoting/financing International Business In Countries

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Then you have to approach specific cultures the way they understand it which can different from what the companies would understand . So they need to communicate to the people living in the country to acquire better knowledge of understanding of the people . After interacting with the local people they can more effectively control their operations and work on the opportunities which are available for them in a society , having different cultures . Even sometimes the businesses have to communicate with other...

Professional Responsibilities And Ethical Obligations In Auditing

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If one compares the situation to a boxing game , the judge cannot be expected to be fair if he is also the coach of one of the boxers . Independent auditors are only considered as such if they have no material personal or financial interest in the business that they are auditing . Their reports can be expected to be impartial and free from bias if they are at least independent from management notwithstanding their receiving their audit charges or fees from...

Solving Ethical Dilemmas In The Accounting Profession

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Potter also knows that many partners of the accounting company support the code ethics and morality with respect to the profession and he got this impression while discussing Senator Metcalf 's report with these partners . The ethical and moral responsibilities of accountants has increased after the SOX Act was passed and implemented in organizations and the public expectations for high ethical standards in accounting firms have increased especially after the Enron and WorldCom disasters (Linck , Netter Yang , 2007 . Potter has...


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The signing officers are responsible for all internal controls and must evaluate these internal controls within previous 3 months and must have reported on the findings . A list of all deficiencies if any found , in the internal controls or any fraud information that involves the employees of the company who are involved in internal activities must be stated . Any significant change or observation made by the signing officers , within internal controls which can negatively impact must be reported by the...

The Impact Of Sarbanes-oxley On Auditing

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The revenues were inflated by the use of revenue accounts which had not been allocated . In 2002 a team of internal auditors secretly worked by investigating the fraudulence of 3 .8 billion from the company . The board of directors and the audit committee were informed of the fraud . To solve the problem Sullivan was retrenched while Myers resigned . Arthur Anderson , the external auditor of the WorldCom by then , acted by withdrawing its audit opinion for 2001 . On 26th June , 2002...

Other Strategic Issues 2

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Running Head : Strategic Audit Strategic Audit Name : College : Course : Tutor : Date : Abstract This elaborates on the advantages of a strategic audit , the need that is filled by a strategic audit , continuous strategic audit and its effectiveness . Introduction Strategic Audit is concerned with ensuring that resources and competencies available to a certain business are understood and evaluated . It should be conducted with the view that the primary purpose of an organization 's resources is to support their business objectives , and the...

Sarbanes- Oxley Act

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Running head : Sarbanes- Oxley Act Name : University : Course : Tutor : Date : Sarbanes- Oxley Act The Sarbanes- Oxley Act is meant to mitigate unethical financial accounting practices by corporate auditing firms . This serves the importance of enhancing the reliability and accuracy of financial statements given by companies . To achieve this , Sarbanes- Oxley Act dictates for CEOs and CFOs of firms to take full responsibility of their financial statements (Holt , 2006 . The Act requires chief executive officers to sign the tax returns of...


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