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Writesr On Writing

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But I 've learned two tricks that I can play with my own psychology to force out the reluctant words . They almost always work . Instead of looking at the whole assignment in front of me , I look at only two . Then , I am able to progress slowly . It used to take a long time each day to get my brain warmed up and words flowing freely . The first few hours produce little wordage . But eventually I found some shortcuts to...


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All data must be specific and clear in for the message to be imparted properly (Guide to Successful Communications . The next step is to target the audience . This means that one needs to reconcile the communications goals . Next is selecting the tools which can come in the form of magazines , television , or even websites . Today , the Internet plays a major role in informing the public of news in an instant . There is a need to plan a regular flow of...

Falling Asleep In Class

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The participation however can be controlled by the teacher / instructor as well who can manage the level of participation by their own behavior . Where a teacher depicts an open behavior with active discussions being provoked in class and question and answer sessions where the students are invited to bring their own point of view in a casual manner by the teacher can also garner increased learning in the students . Bonwel and Eison present in their work that active learning can...

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