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What Does Jude The Obscure Suggest About The Barriers To Communication? Or Discuss The Thematic R...

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After Sue and Jude begin to live together , they become severely ostracized by the society . First of all , Jude becomes a stonemason , as no other work is available to him , whereas Sue works as a street seller . Learning that the couple are not married , all lodging owners refuse the take sue and Jude , even though they travel with young children and thus need an accommodation as soon as possible . Therefore , the scorn for the couple living without official registration of...

Jude The Obscure By Thomas Hardy

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Arabella comes back from Australia and Jude , in despair about his love with Sue , stops sleeping with her . Later , he is filled with a painful felling of degradation . For although according to the law he is ``licensed ' to have sexual relations with Arabella and not with Sue , seen from the perspective of his inner feelings in the matter the case is quite the opposite : he has , in effect , committed adultery with his legally married wife . Here , the novelist has intentionally...

Thomas Hardy--jude The Obscure

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The tragedy they experienced only shows that they were indeed person of neither bad nor good fate thus we have to take it into account that probably the circumstances and the instances they both have in common were just coincidences but it is also in high regard that these circumstances happened when they were still together . As a child , these cousins were both fond of studying and as they grow up , both tried their best to enter in a university...

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