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They were supposed to report on the loyalty of the imperial and the loyal captured soldiers , reinforce hierarchy and discipline in the camps , negotiate with high ranking officials in Russia , assess authoritatively in scores of POW camps , distribute large amounts of money 3 according to local needs and embody the maternal caring and the goodwill of their monarchial state [Alon Rachamimov , in the introduction , page 23 24] ' ``They [Austro-Hungary nurses] were expected to provide concrete suggestions for imprisonment . negotiate directly...

Anicient Greek Religions

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Africans were believed to practice black magic using voo-doo , abacua and palo-mayombe . Human sacrifices were sometimes performed . In Egypt , animism was evident in the belief of afterlife (demonstrated by the pyramid burials ) as well as revering animals (e .g . bugs and falcons . Ancient Egyptians have over 50 gods and the most famous were Osiris and Isis and the central God was Ra . Pharaohs in Egypt were believe to be reincarnates of Horus . Totemism (god was edified with a natural object...

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