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Racial Profiling

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Diallo 19 times . No weapons were found on his body . The officers then questioned Diallo 's neighbors , asking whether they knew anyone who would want to harm Diallo (pretending to investigate his death . On February 25 , 2000 , after two days of deliberations , a jury acquitted the officers of all charges . Diallo 's death , the change of venue , and the verdict each sparked massive demonstrations against police brutality and racial profiling , resulting in more than 1700 arrests . Police officers also have...

Breach Of Accountablity

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Diallo began the martyr for the struggle against reforms in Police methods and investigations in the city and other parts of the country . His death shocked the nations , and ignited many protests and criticisms of the Police . The Four white Policemen , namely Sean Caroll , Edward McMellan , Kenneth Boss and Richard Murphy , were charged to court . The trial began on February 2 , 200 almost a year after the incident . On the 25th of the same month , these men were discharged and...

19 Out Of 41 Bullets

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However , opening fire just on the basis the he was black and his image fit to another man who had criminal charges is not sufficient . This is a life threatening act and civilians ' life is in danger if officials keep firing innocent citizens with having any real evidence of charge against them (Ayoob , 2000 . CONCLUSION Reckless and unlawful firing on innocent civilians indicates the unqualified and untrained attitude of the officials and racial discrimination against blacks . Does history show any...

Words Versus Weapons: A Study Into The Conflict Resolution Strategy Of Our Police Officers With T...

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White 's gun . Asked why he did not hesitate to shoot the police who were trying to apprehend him , his reply ``You got these guys coming to your door , what would you do (Johnson ' This is the most vicious attack on police officers of Odessa in 73 years . Sadly this event has been happening in other parts of the United States as well . In the first 10 months of 2007 at least 60 police officers have been shot and killed...

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