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Southwest Airlines

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According to Kelleher , Parker forms and important subject in the decision making process . Ms Barrett is credited for the crusading to Southwest culture which she has successfully indoctrinated to thousands new workers . Parker as the current CEO plan to maintain Southwest blueprint that is low cost low fare and no fills airline (Shah , Sterrett and Anderson 2004 , pg 25 ) Shah , Sterrett and Anderson , the Southwest management team drives home the feeling that all of its people are part of one...

Economics- Environmental Analysis

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The other group is the pilots who are also highly skilled . Apart from those directly involved working on the crafts , there is also a large group involved in ticketing services and other office operations . Most of airline employees are unionized and have huge bargaining power against the industry players . 51 .6 percent of all employees in the aviation industry are catered in collective bargaining agreements . This is high compared to a private sector average of 8 .1 percent . The various...


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The employees at Southwest go out of their ways to amuse the passengers . For example , recently a flight attendant rapped the instructions and involved the passengers and made them clap with him . Its major competitive advantage is its lower prices . It has also gained an edge in hedging its fuel needs better than the other airlines . It is a no-frills airline and in many cases , this works for Southwest as a competitive edge . More importantly , its exciting and friendly atmosphere...

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