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Impact Of Substance Abuse On Adolescents

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Copel , 1973 ) Young people who use drugs for pleasure tend to give up alternative ways of seeking pleasure . They become outgoing and feel accepted by others when they are high . But this does not solve the problems that make them feel socially isolated or anxious when they are not high . Drugs are used as a substitute for solving the problems they face . Individual Assessment Treatment Each drug problem must be considered individually , however , there are some general principles that should...

Adolescent Drug Use

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Advance in research indicates that sleep aids in improving our cognitive performance as well as memory . Scientific evidence also shows that sleep facilitates the development of our endocrine and immune systems . There exist a number of case studies linking sleep deprivation to obesity , diabetes , digestive dis , depression , and hypertension . It influences our mood and quality of life . The National Sleep Foundation attributed poor sleep to cause accidents all over America with 100 ,000 crashes , 71 ,000 injuries and 1 ,500...

The Impact Of Illegal Drug Abuse On Family And Community

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Thus the children or the spouse is likely to avoid talking much to the drug abusers and especially if it is a man , in fear of being reprimanded or physically abused . Additionally , if the drug abuser is one who consumes downers or hallucinogens then this person may not be in a position to hold logical conversation with family members since most of the time they are in their own world . If this pattern continues and in severe case when it...


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Furthermore , there is a change in their taste in music and fashion to less conventional ones . Factors behind Teen Use The two organizations Monitoring the Future and the Partnership for a Drug Free America conducted a study to discover the factors that influence the teen to engage in drug use . They were able to discover four factors . Unfortunately , this article from ASK (Adolescent Substance Abuse Knowledge Base , also mentioned that these seemed common sense factors , and that it was difficult...

Dangers Of Substance Abuse In Adolescents

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SAMHSA , 2003b . Furthermore , 8 .9 of this age group could be classified with a diagnosis of substance abuse or dependence based on criteria from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Diss . In addition , the estimated rates of current illicit drug use for adolescents ages 12 to 17 years varied according to race /ethnicity : White (12 .6 , African American (10 , American Indian /Alaskan Native (20 .9 , Asian (4 .8 , Hispanic (10 , and two or more races (12 .5 . In sum...

Drug Use Among The Young Usa Population

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Use of some drugs like marijuana significantly reduced in 2007 , only use of ecstasy has shown slight increase . Drugs Decreasing in Use Any illicit drug usage has decreased by four out of ten in the 8th graders since 1996 . For the 10th and 12th graders , use of drugs has reduced by a quarter and 15 respectively . This reduce in drug taking is noticed in all grades . 8th graders reduced by 19 , the 10th graders by 36 , while the 12th graders...

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She insists that they will make a fortune and attain popularity . However , Friday 's own story cannot be told in his own perspective of the events that transpired . What ensues is Susan 's taking on of Friday 's perspective and injecting her own words into what she perceives has been his experience . The novel ends with a narration by an unnamed persona revising the story as unfolded to the reader . It is thus of great interest as to whose version...

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