Research paper topics

A research paper is a document that proves that you researched a subject and understand it enough to form an opinion on it. Your research should be cited, analyzed, discussed and then concluded in your own words, showing your considered and researched opinion on the topic at hand.

First you must find your topic. Usually your motivation for writing a paper will give you your research paper topics. So for example, your college major will provide prompts, whereas if you were asked to do a research paper by your school/college then they would give you your topic.


Once you have your topic you will need to start looking for information. During your research you will come up with ideas about the project, which will spur you on to find different research paper topics in other texts with a similar theme. Once you have gathered together and covered a lot of sources, you should have quite a few notes and ideas. Use these ideas and notes to gain a general understanding of which direction you are going to take on your paper.

Organize your ideas and write a first draft. Whilst writing this first draft you may begin to realize that your paper is leaning to one side of an issue. This is your chance to do further research and refine your arguments to make them both more concrete and balanced.


Make sure you use your footnotes or your end notes (bibliography) to show where you researched, and who you cited. Once you have finished your first draft you should go over it and make sure that all of your ideas are grouped together, to avoid repeating yourself in your essay. Once you are sure the paper is well organized and coherent, and that all of your research paper topics are covered, you can then proofread the final draft.

50 research paper topics:

  1. The impact of social media on job markets
  2. Echolocation in marine mammals
  3. Has US anti-terrorist policy reduce terrorism
  4. The impact of increased gun control in the USA
  5. Do beauty contests promote poor body image issues in the young
  6. Do college athletes deserve professional status
  7. How extensive is identity theft
  8. Divorce - too easy?
  9. Kids healthy eating - is the government going far enough?
  10. Should scientific whaling be permissible?
  11. How far can China's economy grow?
  12. Why is there still poverty in the 21st Century?
  13. The extent of female circumcision
  14. Long term impact of the Japanese Tsunami
  15. Phone hacking by the Press - is it happening in the US?
  16. Is it time to legalize cannabis?
  17. Would an indoor smoking ban reduce smoking related illnesses?
  18. Suicide bombers - martyr or misguided
  19. Would a return to traditional church values make for a better society
  20. Is pre-school an advantage for quicker learning?
  21. The case for wind energy
  22. Why are we still using plastic bags?
  23. Why is paying women less not illegal?
  24. Racial bias in the media
  25. Body language - fact or myth?
  26. Is the British class system a tool to keep poor people down?
  27. Do looks count when it comes to love?
  28. Does having more than three marriages show a lack of commitment or common sense?
  29. How much does the average human sweat at night?
  30. How close are we to curing cancer?
  31. How long does it take to fall in love?
  32. What has yet been the most effective way of preventing extinction of a wild animal?
  33. Can a plant react negatively to an emotion?
  34. How effective is the placebo effect?
  35. How many children is too many?
  36. Is it possible for a house price to keep rising through a depression at the same rate it would otherwise?
  37. How much metal is wasted per year through our use and disposal tinned food cans?
  38. Has cloning ever been successful enough to warrant tests on humans?
  39. Why do insects fly towards lights and not the sun?
  40. Will saving energy really halt global warming?
  41. How many women become infertile before 30 in the US?
  42. Where are the cheapest places to live in the US?
  43. How much do oil prices really affect the price of supermarket food?
  44. Why is comic book continuity the most strictly regulated?
  45. What brands are loved or hated?
  46. How much energy could the US produce without the use of fossil fuel?
  47. Are electric cars a feasible future transport solution?
  48. How much do the British spend on royalty memorabilia per year?
  49. Why are there still civil wars in Africa
  50. Are fast food restaurants really to blame for obesity?

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