The basics of reflective essays

A reflective essay uses your own thoughts and experiences to expand on an issue or a topic. The topics are not limited, and you can be as emotional and “first person” as you wish. You may add in your opinion, thoughts and feelings into whichever reflective essay topics you wish.

Formulating the essay

Make your first few lines or your first few paragraphs interesting, so that they hook in the reader and make them want to read on. Most reflective essay topics will give their gist away through the title, so you will not need to repeat the title, just work towards convincing somebody that this is the paper they want to read. Put your thesis statement somewhere in the first paragraph, preferably near the end, but don’t limit yourself to it.

You should brainstorm and mind map reflective essay topics, to create a general feeling of how you are going to set out your essay. Turn this into a list of the topics and ideas you are going to cover and call this your outline. You should then check the facts that you wish to use, and reference your checking. This is so that you can justify your emotional response and opinion to a fact, instead of it coming across as a generalisation or as ignorant.

Constructing the essay

Begin your essay following the outline that you made, and then add in new facts, ideas, opinions and research as you go. Once you have finished, you should re-read what you have written, taking to care to check for repetition or contradiction. It is easy to contradict yourself in an essay full of your opinion. If there is a contradiction, you must either remove it, or explain why you may contradict yourself under certain circumstances. Proof read it a final time to make sure it flows and is consistent.

50 Reflective Essay Topics

  1. Benefits of higher education
  2. Modern art - abstract or confusion?
  3. The banning of berkahs in non-Muslim countries
  4. Internet dating
  5. The environment - corporate or personal responsibility
  6. Cyber-crime - how far can it go?
  7. Investment methods
  8. The intrusion of television
  9. Vegetarianism - a matter of taste
  10. Reality TV - passing phase or long term phenomenon?
  11. The importance of hobbies
  12. It's the thought that counts
  13. Democracy - progress or status quo?
  14. The benefits of exercise
  15. Children no longer know how to create their own fun
  16. Examination cheats should be dismissed from college
  17. Adolf Hitler – Madman or patriot?
  18. Euthanasia – discuss
  19. Making rules for child care that do not inhibit shows of affection
  20. Do interracial couples break up faster that same race couples?
  21. How to stop your elderly family member from being scammed
  22. Can technology replace human interaction?
  23. The best ways to park your car
  24. How to beat insurance companies at their own game
  25. Don’t listen to old wives tales
  26. How to kiss for the first time
  27. The best ways to keep bugs out of your house
  28. Getting a job with the government
  29. How to cheat at job interviews
  30. Getting your friends to relax in your home
  31. Sushi restaurants that you should visit
  32. How I should have spent my younger years
  33. If I knew now what I thought then
  34. Exercising your mind and body at the same time is possible
  35. Should corporate policy cut corners if it means saving jobs?
  36. Foods that will help you relax
  37. Drinks that make you wake up
  38. Electric grid problems and their solutions
  39. The sexual orientation of previous presidents
  40. Do looks matter at work?
  41. Do dolphins have morals?
  42. Can a cat feel shame?
  43. The most effective advertising campaigns of the 00’s
  44. How to love without caring
  45. How to know you are in love when you don’t feel it.
  46. The manner in which we treat our oceans
  47. Negative attitudes lead to negative consequences
  48. Do fish learn as quickly as birds?
  49. Open caskets can bring closure but can also make it worse
  50. Was the sun brighter in your day?

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