Process Analysis Essay topics

Process analysis essay is an article written to give a clear description of a given process step-wise in order to understand how something works. Usually it is given in a procedure that is simple and clear. Process analysis essay topics should be precise and self-explanatory. They must be interesting or in other words reader captivating. An introductory paragraph is always given to provide an express understanding of the topic in discussion.

Usually, process analysis essay topics always start with words like ‘how to’. Examples are; how grafting is done, how to make a ham sandwich, how to lose weight, how to transcript a clip, how to prepare a nursery bed, how to write a good essay et cetera. Other common words that depicts these topics is, learn for instance, learn how to bake, learn how to start a hydraulic pump, learn to make a kite, learn to make fruit juice you name it. However these topics can take different forms depending on the tasks. These are a number of the most commonly found; choosing the right career, site selection of a dam, fighting insomnia, surviving in a malaria prone area, writing a bid document effectively, quit smoking with minimum withdrawal effects, training a baby to use the bathroom.

Most of these topics are designed to address the problem in question immediately by just using a single word which represents the subject. Pet grooming, pumpkin carving, dancing instructions, party, yoga, advertising, painting, photography, sculpting, programming, sky-diving are some of these. How to gamble without losing, investing in the right ventures, earn while at home, making websites using Google sites, balancing books of accounts, passing exams without straining so much directly show the short routes you would take to get somewhere or taking caution in doing things. Handwriting analysis, lock picking, hacking into a system are also captivating topics.

Some more examples of these topics include:

  • Methods of losing weight without interfering with the mind. your mind
  • How to win a game of chess
  • How to pass examinations
  • How to find the perfect roommate
  • How to manage a sole proprietorship business under a tight schedule.
  • How to succeed in university studies.
  • How to walk on a rope
  • How to plan a party that is entertaining.
  • How to survive a night of babysitting.
  • How to eradicate a bad habit.
  • How to deal with criminal gangs in a country.
  • How to remain sober after a long drinking spree on Friday night.
  • How to overcome insomnia at night.
  • How to deal with a riotous child
  • How to rent your first apartment
  • How to deal with a broken relationship.
  • How to enjoy the weekend with the family
  • How to make special tea for all in the family.
  • How to keep peace with a spouse or a roommate
  • How to deal with failure in examination.
  • How to complain effectively to the right people
  • How to survive inflation in a country
  • How to start a business and keep it running for long.
  • How to deal with low self esteem.
  • How to use upload pictures on face book.
  • How to end a painful relationship.
  • How to quit drinking and smoking
  • How to relate with elders.
  • How to economize on consumption of fuel when driving
  • How to take pictures with a cell phone.

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