Persuasive Essay Topics

Persuasive essay topics are basically aimed at swaying the readers’ opinions to those of the essay writers. The persuasive essay topics in themselves tend to move the reader into a state of siding with the essayist. In order to produce a catchy persuasive essay, you need to come up with an exciting clear topic which in itself is worth of withholding a meaningful argument. Avoid the usual and obvious topics an elementary kid will pick when told to write something to argue about. What a reader wants in this limelight is something that he or she does not conform to; nevertheless, you want him or her to take your words for the absolute facts. Once you have a well thought out topic, a reader will want to argue with you. In writing, all he or she can do is read on trying very hard not to be convinced and at the same time falling prey of your ‘persuasion’.

Before this reader came across your topic, she must have been of a different school of thought, or at least undecided on the issues that you are raising in your essay. You must try as much as possible to stay logical, relevant and articulated throughout the essay. Give the reader something they never associated or put into consideration in relation to your topic. Give facts and figures where you can and explain how this evidence proves that the topic you are dealing with is the fact and not what the reader is conformed with.

You can only come up with a topic if you have background knowledge on the issue, or you think that studying on the same will not be too difficult for you. This is because you are analyzing a topic of concern and you are trying to convince the reader that you are conversant with the issue, probably even better than them.

Such persuasive essay topics include some of the following I have listed below:

  • All countrymen should vote by statute
  • Use of tobacco should be banned worldwide as it is harmful
  • Letter writing culture should be re-cultivated
  • Euthanasia should be allowed in some instances
  • Students in campus should be allowed to choose what they want to study independently
  • Monetary rewards should be given to bright students in high schools
  • All students should learn at least 3 foreign languages
  • Physical education should be made compulsory in schools
  • Students don’t have to wear uniforms to school
  • The elderly should have special subsidized buses to carry them
  • All government colleges should be free
  • Community service should be made mandatory for all citizens
  • Some illegal drugs should be legalized for health purposes
  • The voting age in all states should be lowered to fourteen
  • All university students should be required to know how to drive
  • Any passenger not wearing a seat-belt should be prosecuted in a court of law
  • All text-books should be made available on soft-copy format
  • Students should be allowed to undertake small business ventures in schools and colleges
  • Schools in the entire country should serve uniform meals
  • Ladies should be allowed to play against gentlemen in college sports
  • Any child found abandoned should be educated by the state
  • Prayers should be made compulsory in all learning institutions at given times
  • Students shouldn’t listen to music while in lecture halls
  • Smoking should be allowed at certain places and times
  • Commercial sex should be legalized
  • The government should reduce the manufacture of junk foods
  • Intensive screening is imperative for those planning to travel by air
  • Wild animals should be kept as pets in some cases
  • All cities should have motor-vehicle sharing programs
  • Students should not eat while in class at any time
  • Teachers and their students should interact more on social sites
  • Games competitions should be organized between students and lecturers frequently
  • The death penalty should be scrapped from the justice systems
  • Public religions of the world should be taught in all learning institutions
  • Early morning lessons should be scrapped off and moved to mid-morning
  • Professional athletes found using drugs should be banned for life
  • The UK and the USA should have the same kind of the English language diction
  • All organically modified foods intended for humans should be used on animals first
  • There should be no night-time curfew on anyone above the age of 15
  • Minors should be allowed to take alcohol but only from their homes
  • There should never be a maximum limit on the number of children one may want to have
  • Anyone caught drunk-driving should lose their license for five years
  • Bright students from poor families should be educated by the state
  • Any student caught in casinos should be jailed for six months
  • The state should never detain any suspect without fair trial
  • Teachers should never be forced to have uniforms when they go to school
  • Anybody caught talking on his cell while driving should be fined lightly
  • Teachers can only have mobile phones in class if they are on silent mode
  • If someone’s dog bites another person the owner of the dog should be prosecuted
  • Children involved in murder or armed robbery should be treated as adults in courts

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