Personal essay topics

A personal essay is one of the easiest pieces of article any writer would produce. It’s probably the only time you would write without proving a point. The most important factors to consider are just to have a theme, a subject and the correct grammar. A sense of humor can also come in handy for a captivating essay. Personal essay topics can therefore be in any form. It can be a single word, a proverb, a phrase you name it. They can be descriptive, relational, criticism, experiences or occasional.

The list could be endless considering that the field is a vast one. I am going to categorize them into time spans. First of all childhood; childhood games, my nanny, bouncing along, cravings alcohol, the kids in the nursery school, girl fights, the competitions, better late than never, exercising your rights, the examination time, the girl next door, the sporting activities, swimming lessons, the history class, when I failed the mid-terms, dilemma, crying in the subway, friendship, our history teacher.

As one grows older, the experiences become more wild and vibrant. This is when you start dealing with stuff like, getting wasted, throwing up on the hot girl, sneaking into a girls room, grounding, examination dishonesty, missing classes, expulsion from school, over speeding, fight over a girl, partying, brotherhood, lack of money, joining the business club, essay writing, basketball tournament, the weekend away, preaching wine, fashion, betrayal, the night janitor, the SATs, annoyed father, spilt milk.

Towards the adulthood, more challenges come in one’s life. You could find a lot of so many personal essay topics in this phase. For instance, the first interview, in search of a new job, settling in the city, relationship saga, my first job, my first car, a memorable wedding, important discovery, a milestone, traffic accident, a brush with greatness, homesick, the flip side of the coin, expectations, an eye witness, deception, cowardice, hatred, true love, rebellion, destiny, delusional, flashbacks, point of no return.

The following are examples of personal essay topics.

  • School life for me
  • Why I do not date older women
  • The vacation in France
  • My first date
  • The tour around Africa
  • College on my first day
  • Teenage hood was a nightmare
  • First days at work
  • The first pet
  • The loss of my pet
  • Coping with the loss of my pet
  • Losing weight
  • Motherhood today
  • Religious practices in my neighbourhood
  • Eating habits
  • Personal financial budgeting
  • Neighbourhood privacy
  • Meeting the president
  • Working for a promotion
  • Fear of germs and bacteria
  • Managing a daily schedule
  • Work and family
  • Correct priorities in life
  • Understanding your body
  • The turning point
  • My worst day at work
  • Coping with colleagues
  • Learning how to cook
  • Food wastage in my home
  • My collection of motivational books
  • The fear of public speaking
  • The trail of diabetes
  • Taking control of your life
  • Writing autobiographies
  • Making deals you do not understand
  • Struggling with addiction
  • Making rushed financial decisions
  • The love for football
  • Eating takeout verses cooking
  • Pizza or Chinese food
  • Fashion preferences
  • Buying your first car
  • The first aeroplane ride
  • Becoming a principled and disciplined person
  • Meeting the in-laws
  • Learning Chinese
  • Dealing with stress
  • Dealing with career setback
  • Building your business
  • Becoming a homemaker

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