Narrative essay topics

Narrative essay topics include things similar to a descriptive essay topic, but that are seen or experienced by you. They are also often given with a sense of time. Where a descriptive essay may take a snapshot of a situation, a narrative essay would show the situation or problem progress. You may also (if the set structure you are given allows) theorise how things may progress, or how they would have done if a certain event or intervention did not happen.

The viewpoint

Responses to narrative essay topics are told from one person’s point of view. This means that is may involve opinion and personal thoughts. It will make a point, and then support it through personal accounts, examples, references and other evidence formats. The details of the event/subject/idea are often comprised of very precise details, and a wider range of vocabulary and modifiers is often allowed. Narrative essay topics may involve conflict or resolution, but is often set over a time scale, by either announcing the conflict/resolution at the beginning and working backwards, or vice versa. The narrative essay is allowed to be in a first person format, but you are encouraged to bring in other opinions and ideas, even if they were not written or created for the purposes of your narrative essay.

Constructing a narrative essay

Getting started involves gathering your thoughts, memories, ideas and proof together. Link them together via notes or a mind map, or simply list how you will tackle them. Once this is done you must structure your points so that they follow some sort of time line, though it does not have to be a straight line. You can skip back and forth through time, and reflect on things that did not occur at the same time. You must however try to remember that your essay is not like a snapshot picture of a topic. It is a number of pictures like a film, which is seen primarily through your eyes.

50 Narrative essay Topics:

  1. My first ride on a roller coaster
  2. The day I met my fiancé
  3. Describe your idea of the sensation of going blind
  4. If I had a million dollars…
  5. Your most treasured possession
  6. A favorite song
  7. A day on the farm
  8. A day at the beach
  9. A visit to the dentist
  10. Having a plaster cast fitted
  11. My idea of the worst job ever
  12. The day there was a power cut
  13. A day at a polluted beach
  14. The Spanish financial crisis
  15. The broken moral of our youth
  16. Zoo maintenance
  17. Reminiscence is always rose tinted
  18. How the British coped with losing Diana
  19. British Football Hooliganism has spread to Russia
  20. More Americans speak Hispanic than ever before
  21. Problems faced by a ward sister
  22. Private schools are improving
  23. How I grew up in 30 days
  24. What really happened on 911
  25. High fat foods made me ill
  26. I cannot stay faithful if my husband does not treat me poorly
  27. How the worlds dumbest people make money
  28. How my house lost $500 per day last year
  29. Why I am richer now I work for less
  30. A broken leg was the best thing that ever happened to me
  31. How love can make you crazy
  32. Singing brought me closer to god
  33. The steps I took to rid myself of alcohol
  34. How I became more irritable in my 20’s
  35. Being the life of the party
  36. Depression is boring
  37. Most people from my old school have grown into nothing
  38. Success is relative to power
  39. Burgers make me psychosomatically ill
  40. Bad habits are a nice relief
  41. Having kids is worth it
  42. Are children born with a moral compass?
  43. Do our instincts tell us to mistrust people
  44. We can be friendlier to each other
  45. Mother is not always right
  46. Allergies can be overcome with effort and training
  47. Belief can foster kindness
  48. Stress can cause laziness
  49. Do some people enjoy being desperate?
  50. Can you raise a victim or are they born that way?

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