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youtube2 letter

15th July 2010


Mr . Eric Schmidt



Sub : Application for internship - request for consideration


I (your first name and last name , have completed by Bachelors In sciences , specializing in Computer Engineering as a major , and applied mathematics as a minor (please mention your specialization , I just made an assumption , with an aggregate of (mention your aggregate

It has been one of my strongest passions to work in Google in your internship program , where you induct fresh graduates out of college train them at par

with other employees , and help them learn the processes involved in working in an innovative driven organization like Google . Incidentally , a cousin of mine finished her internship at your organization in the last academic year , and she has been the person from whom I have drawn inspiration from

Apart from my strong expertise in `Java ' coding , I consider myself gifted as an innovative thinker , a mini `fountainhead ' as I prefer to look at a problem from a unique perspective . I prefer to tread the less taken path and that has been one of my strongest personality traits . I believe that I can contribute to the organization with my single-minded focus on thinking differently , and I can help build the same focus in the people I work with . Another strong personality trait has been my ability to work in a team and help the team reach its destined goal most of the times I prefer to be a communication facilitator than being a communication...

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