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Paper Topic:

How did young people experience the Nazi period?

Essays used

Political Violence and the Nazi Seizure of Power - Richard Bessel

Village Life in Nazi Germany - Gerhard Wilke

Youth in the Third Reich - Detlev Peukert

Social Outcasts in the Third Reich - Jeremy Noakes

The Third Reich brought about a variety of experiences for different people . Some suffered while others flourished . Furthermore , people who lived in the said period had mixed opinions about Nazi rule . Some raised arms and opposed Nazi rule while others appreciated the strong arm of the law and the benefits that came with it . Everything changed with

the onset of the Third Reich . In the book , Life in the Third Reich edited by Richard Bessel , one sees the extent of the Nazi influence in the life of people . The essays provide an insight as to how the Nazi rule changed the lives of those subjected to it . The historical perspective invites analysis of the said period . It allows for an understanding of the way of life that different people had during the reign of the Hitler and the Nazis . The various contributing concentrated on the social relevance of the Third Reich and how people lives through it . This essay aims to examine how the youth of the Third Reich were affected and influenced by the Nazi rule . By using the essays in Bessel 's book , this essay will analyze the different experiences of the youth under the Nazi rule

Just like other groups , the youth had distinct experiences during the Third Reich . Those who entered adolescence during the Nazi rule had varied experiences (Peukert , 25 ) Peukert (25 ) wrote that there were three separate age groups that entered adolescence in the twelve years of Nazi power . The mindset of each of these groups was formed uniquely from the others . According to Peukert , the youth who entered adolescence as Nazi rule took over already went through formative experiences prior to the onset of the Third Reich . They were able to experience the economic crisis of the early 30s and thus were more receptive to the Nazi rule and the benefits of the rearmament programme (Peukert , 25 More importantly , the members of this group were among the first to be included in the Hitler Youth . They were able to compare the life prior to Nazi rule with the life during the reign of the Nazis . They saw the difference and thus were able to see how beneficial Nazi power could be for the nation and for the people of Germany . Another group of youth that entered adolescence during the reign of the Nazis were those who were between the ages of 14 to 18 during the 1936-1939 period . Their experience was distinct from the youth that came before them . This was because they entered the formative years with the Nazis already in power . They had gone through schools that bore the stamp of National Socialism (Puekert , 25 ) Thus , this group was not able to appreciate the benefits of the Third Reich for they were not able to compare...

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