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Xenophobia in Modern America : Fear of the Immigrant

Xenophobia is best known as an irrational fear of the foreign , including fear of race and the immigrant . In looking at recent American history it is clear that racism and fear of the supposed outsider has been a disturbing part of American culture for a long time . In regard to the continuing struggle of Native Americans , African Americans , and Latin Americans to obtain civil rights as well as the ongoing hurdles for immigrants to be warmly accepted

into this country , xenophobia obviously still plays a large part in the dysfunction of American culture . As a nation , United States citizens can be rightly embarrassed of their unjust fear and apprehension in regard to dealing with minorities and people who are considered to be new and different

Opposing some mainstream thoughts such as European superiority over other people , it is good to meditate on the vicious acts which have been imposed on the minorities by the mainstream cultures . The killing and forcible extraction of Native Americans from their lands , the forced slavery and torn families of African Americans , and the harassment and fencing off of immigrants such as Latin Americans all lend to the idea that the mainstream European American culture has had and still has serious defects in regard to the application of civil rights for all people . If one takes the idea of amnesty , pardon , for what some people term illegal aliens , one must also laugh to oneself...

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