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writing essay to college dorm

As an international student , it is inevitable for me to seek a sense of belongingness and companionship especially that I am still in the stage of adjusting myself into a life at this point as big and intimidating and I believe that living in a dorm would be an easy opportunity to meet new people . I am still prone to the feeling of homesickness . But the sense of companionship I might find in a dorm can make the transition away from home easier Furthermore , I believe that in this way I can also develop

my interpersonal skills since everyone is required to learn how to get along with a roommate , with the owner and even with the people in the hallway . Apparently living in the dorm will be easier to conduct or initiate group studies . Also , I discovered that in dorm there are also many students from different culture . I feel like there is more diversity in dorms than I might find elsewhere . In a dorm you are with similar aged young adults and so there are unlimited number of opportunities to meet new people and experience different living situations . Living in close proximity to different kinds of people will make me adjust easier and therefore a greater possibility to make friends outside in the future . Moreover , I believed that some students enjoy living in a dorm because it makes them feel part of campus life Likewise , I would want to be...

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