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write about the most intriguing person that I have met.

br Introduction

God is omnipresent and omnipotent . His representatives are Angels whose food is only fasting . They fly in the air as they take themselves very light . God and His angels could send only leaders , messengers , prophets to earth to proclaim about the goodness of God and to enable humanity to bear a fruitful life by following virtues and characteristics of God . He was disappointed , when it did not return expected results . God was on the look out for permanent person who is faithful , honest and trustworthy and who represent His kind-of

on earth . God finally found mothers ' as his carnation , who would be kind , forebearing and have enough fortitude to transform hearts , minds and to spread the gospel of god 's goodness on earth . My mother was the most influential and inspirational person in my life until she passed away on February 28 2004 . Her life was extraordinarly courageous , hard-working and self-reliant who lived a life in extreme hardships and confronted lachrymose situations


But Jesus turning to them said "Daughters of Jerusalem , stop weeping for Me , but weep for yourselves and for your children

Jesus at the time of carrying cross was experiencing great pain and agony . Even so , his heart moved when he saw women weeping for him . He felt that children should be the greatest priority in a woman 's life Women who are the pillars of family , have the ability to transform lives through prayers . Prayer without penitence is a mere waste . Penitence brings tears and tears bring blessings from Heaven to families . This is exactly what Jesus meant by saying the above

Hard work

Hard work pays ' is what she believed all through . Her single income was insufficient to make both ends meet . Her financial planning domestic chores , and struggle is absolutely inspiring , who had to question herself for every challenge she encountered and find answer all by herself alone . A unique life , while giving smiles outside , inside of her heart , there were volcanic pressures of all kinds and sizzles in life . My mother as a single parent , single income , executed hard work in rearing her children by providing good education , teaching life skills , settling the lives with good spouse and cherished the happiness with two daughters , two son-in-laws and four grand children . Spoke like a lioness with strangers and guarded her children like a hen that covered and protected her chickens under storms and strong winds . As a child I admired her initiativeness , courage and indispensable attitude Amidst of huge loss in life , she sought happiness in devotion gardening , social work and her grand children . Nobody could seize away her smiles and happiness even in the midst of life 's biggest storms She prepared herself for every day . Her accostic approach to life was to see the positive side of life and never to look back . Her famous quote to me was see the page , turn the page and do the work . Long time before , she predicted that I would become a writer one...

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