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write an analysis of the strengths and weakness of this authors effort at scholarly writing, and an assessment of the paragraph in terms of bias, opinion, quality of evidence, and appropriateness to its target audience. Be sure this is written in a schorl

Some of the new entrants have successfully operated on a nonunion basis , enjoying significant cost advantages because of lower wages , lower benefit costs , and less stringent work rules . This has forced carriers with unionized operations to seek concessions from unions in to compete with nonunion entrants

The future

Recently , there has been a significant development in airline labor relations that may indicate a trend towards stabilization and a better future for the industry . In 1984 , congress amended the bankruptcy code by adding section 1113 , which regulated the rejection of collective

bargaining agreements . This means that , if an employer must engage in a collective bargain with the union , first he must make a proposal to the union , and then provide the union with information to evaluate the proposal and finally , engage in good faith negotiations prior to rejection

Another development in the bargaining show that airline unions may be regaining a measure of there former vigor and it may be difficult for carriers to exact cost saving concessions . As an example , there has been a transformation since late 1984 of the Airline pilot association During a recent strike at the United Airlines , the association kept a series of teleconferences ' to keep pilots informed about the latest developments

Professor John Dulop predicted that the significant disruptions in the labor relations caused by deregulation and concessionary bargaining would be concentrated in a transitional period . Foregoing discussions show that the airline industry may be approaching the end of the transitional period and entering a new stage of relative stability


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