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write an analysis essay

Analysis on Zora Neale Hurston 's I Get Born

There are two important statements that the reader can get from Hurston 's story : first is about being born a woman in a male- environment and second : the unusual character of ladies spending so much time out of the house . The first statement is formed due to the strong character portrayal of the father as a carpenter who spent more time from home doing some labor and building business . The interesting point here is the father 's hope that Hurston would be born a

male , not the female she became . This speaks of an all-pervading social stigma or forces ' that having more sons is convenient for the family , therefore easier for a human group 's survival . The social attitude of preferring more male offspring implies that more physical work is necessary to feed the family , such that the reader could only imagine backbreaking work to be existent in a farming neighborhood . Hurston may have lived in this backbreaking environment when she was born , where the only known labor aside from housekeeping is the carpentry (as she knew about her dad ) or agriculture

As I observe my contemporary U .S . society in the 21st century , the attitude of wishing for fewer daughters sounds more dangerous to mankind as the years go by , unless Americans think like the Chinese did . The Confucian Chinese family illuminates a strong example of a society that hates more daughters , such that most fathers kill their baby girls as soon as they are born . This is because they perceive females as a baggage to the family 's survival a liability who cannot be trusted with accomplishing the heavy labor demanded in a poor agricultural country The family works on a simple economy which says that if there are fewer men to work the field , they will go hungry . No one can imagine that women can plow the field without machines , build a strong house , cook food and care for kids all at the same time . Fortunately , this backward thought will not appeal to Americans anymore , who now perceive women as equally strong and intelligent as men in any field . Women nowadays are seen as dynamic creatures that transcend the role of childrearing . They are the dainty humans who bravely go beyond the comfort of housekeeping to take jobs in the military , the political scene and business , all that a man can do . If ever this attitude of one girl is enough ' still exists , it could still be prevalent in a few ultraconservative states in the South whose economies were always based on agriculture and heavy manual labor . I can also draw a simple conclusion from this : that most U .S . states have diversified their economies and became less dependent on agriculture , such that having more working women became tolerable and the likes of Hurston can be socially acceptable

But Hurston was trapped in her own agricultural era , maybe not of her own choosing . The story , written in the...

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