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Good nutrition in animal production systems is essential to economically produce a healthy , high quality product . Feed is one of the major inputs in aquaculture and often the success of fish farming depends to a very large extent on the provision of adequate quantities of nutritionally suitable feeds in a form in which fish can utilize Even in types of aquaculture where the main source of nutrition is natural food , produced by fertilization or other means , supplemental feeding with artificial feeds is necessary to obtain increased production p

In many developing countries agricultural or fisheries wastes are used to feed fish but a good proportion of the feed offered is wasted as they are not in a form in which fish can utilize . Such unused feed may sometimes serve as fertilizer but may more often cause the pollution of water and consequently unfavorable conditions for the growth and survival of the stock . While the availability of suitable feed is important in obtaining growth and survival and production of adult fish it is of greater and crucial importance in the rearing of larvae and fry . The use of formulated aquaculture feeds , which are commercially designed and produced , is well-established in HYPERLINK "http /www .aqualex .org /elearning /fish_feeding /english /introduction /fr_i ntensive .html " \t "main " intensive aquaculture . Increased understanding of the nutritional requirements of fish , along with improvements in feed manufacturing technology and feeding techniques have allowed the expansion of modern aquaculture


Fish require proteins...

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