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Paper Topic:

write a Memo to the CEO of any company


to : Chief executive officer

from : Finance Department

subject : Importance of Enterprise Resource Planning

date : 27 /11 /2008

Development of business management techniques and technologies gave birth to countless new concepts and programs to improve corporate productivity and overall profit . Not all concepts however , are proven effective in boosting corporate profits . Some just eat away corporate resources instead of improving the efficiency of their usage . Mostly they are actually beneficial concepts that are applied imperfectly . One of these development concepts is called Enterprise Resource Planning Observers stated that

ERP has been increasingly needed by large multinationals and even local companies to improve their resource management capabilities and efficiency . I believe that it is now important for every company to check whether its time for them to take advantage of the ERP concept

Changing Environment

If we are to be an owner of a small company , it might be occur to us that considering the application of ERP concept is useless . We prefer to believe that ERP is only necessary when a firm has grown to a level where they have so many assets and operations that it would be hard to keep track of them at the same time . This statement is mostly correct Developing a system that would increase our cost structure instead of deliver us savings would be senseless . However , business and economic journals have repeatedly mentioned that we are currently operating in a different business environment than we are 10 year ago . We are now operating in...

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