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The worst kind of hypocrite is a religious hypocrite

Deliberately switch off the light source , as when you put a lamp under or fail to keep the eyes open and in good , and sooner or later your inner personality is going to become morally darkened , incapable of discerning the show from the real thing . Playing the actor , therefore , is part of a spiritual darkening process which begins when we start to turn away from God 's true light source , his own revelation of himself to us in Christ and his Word . The result is the emerging of atheism (Guliano ,1999 ,p .10

p Hypocrisy can happen when the Bible becomes more of a source book for our sermons than for our own personal devotions . The pressure is not to enrich that personal walk with the Lord but to keep on producing the goods for the pulpit after all people do not see us in our studies alone , but they do see us in our churches . The result is a gradual eroding of the soul and particularly if we hide ourselves from certain aspects of Scriptural truth which challenge aspects of our lives which we would rather keep hidden , from others and indeed ourselves . The key cause of hypocrisy then is lack of personal integrity , the unwillingness to face up to the truth about ourselves because we are too busy trying to see how that truth applies to others . Religious self-advert (hypocrites ) are concerned with gaining public applause to the neglect of positive moral influence (Luke 12 :43-44 ) Everything about these people was one big self-advert of fake sincerity . They sat up front where they were noticed . Their prayers were long and impressive , their giving loud and extravagant , even their clothes marked them out as different and they loved their religious titles , being addressed as Vicar , Bishop or Pastor . But far...

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