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world comunity

p World Community





World Community


The Hezbollah is a political party in Lebanon and a militant organisation of Shiites Muslims with anti-Western sentiments . During the Lebanese civil war , in 1978 , the south of Lebanon was captured by the Israeli army . After this invasion , a resistance movement developed , that wanted to free the regions that were under control of Israel and to force Israel out of Lebanon (CFR . Hezbollah developed out of this organisation and called itself `Hizb Allah , Party

of Allah . The organisation went public in 1985 with the declaration of the Hezbollah Manifesto . The original organisation had two goals but in the manifesto also other goals were mentioned such as chasing away the French and Americans out of Lebanon , destroying the state of Israel and establishing an Islamic regime in Lebanon (GlobalSecurity .Org


Hamas is a Palestinian Islamic resistance movement and a militant organisation that strives for the freedom of Palestine and the destruction of Israel . It started as being a counterweight to the secular PLO . The goals of the organisation can be found in the Manifesto , made in 1988 . Hamas strives for an Islamic state in Palestine , between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River . Hamas uses , like the Islamic Jihad and the Lebanese Hezbollah , Islamic theology as means of encouragement to get more people involved and against the Israeli occupation (CFR , Channel4

Hamas developed out of an organisation called Al Mujamma al Islami , a Palestinian branch of the Egyptian...

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