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how work effects GPA of college students


Work Effect on GPA

of College Students

An Introduction

GPA or Grade point average not only is a measure of your intelligence but also an

indicator of performance as a student for further studies . It reflects your motivation and

ability to be consistent at work . General requirements of GPA 's in American colleges


In Master 's programs : 3 .00 or 3 .3

Most PhD . Programs : 3 .3 or 3 .5

Since 1984 there has been a trend of more and more college students working


studying on the American campuses . The fraction of college students working in the age

group of 16 to 24 has increased from 49 to 57 percent . Working part-time has

statistically speaking had a beneficial impact on Grade point average 's (GPA 's ) of

college students

An on-campus research suggests that working less than 10 hours per week not only

improves non-productive activities like watching Television but also improves GPA 's

This is not the case of students not working part - time . On the contrary working full

-time had a detrimental effect on the grades of the students . Fifty-five percent collegiate 's

working 35 or more hours reported retarding GPA 's . Following were the other

drawbacks of working full-time

40 percent reported that it affected their class schedule

2 36 percent reported it hindered their choice of class


3 30 percent reported it reduced their attendance

4 26 percent reported reduced visits to libraries

College students working full-time were also more likely to drop out of college

It is doubtful at what stage student employment moves from being beneficial to being

detrimental . Working a definite number of hours (less than 35 hours ) say 10 hours on-the-

campus has positive impact on student performance . Out of campus jobs are

counterproductive as compared . According to statistical figures working affects college

students according to the job they do

For Example : Full-time versus part time , on campus versus off-campus jobs

The low GPA 's arise because working hours take away study time

The other effects of working at college can be

Less attractive or no post-college opportunities

Dropping out of college or taking a longer time to graduate

The employment of college students may however enrich their knowledge and help them

In their studies . A research establishes no noticeable impact of working on GPA 's

The number of college students employed part-time or full-time has been

growing steeply . This is mostly because of economic reasons and also peer pressure

Psychologist say this mass effect may be because the students tend to work because they

want to imitate those students already at work . Much of the time is consumed in

commuting back and forth from the place of work


The jobs the students undertake can be classified under many criteria

They can be : Full-time versus part-time On campus versus off-campus They can be

mentally taxing as well as physically taxing as well

Part-time jobs can actually be beneficial to college students and this can be statistically


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