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Paper Topic:

women`s studies

1 ) Women 's Bodies and Beauty Ideals : The article analyzes how perceptions about female body are constructed in the modern society and how white-supremacist , patriarchal , and capitalist considerations influence the process of shaping this perceptions . The author is alarmed by the fact that many females view their bodies as `projects ' rather than the basis for identity . Multi-billion beauty industry and pervasiveness of plastic surgery offer substantial proof that women are too preoccupied with their external looks . The root causes of this phenomenon are associated with the fact that the ideal standard of

br beauty is imposed upon females by the media and society , despite the fact that this standard is racist , ageist , and ableist . The article also discusses how the imposition of this standard contributes to objectification and commodification of female bodies . While there are ways to resist this trend , many females cannot stand against this tool of patriarchal oppression

2 ) The Body Politics : This is a very personal story of anorexia survivor . Abra Forune Chernik suffered from anorexia for five years after being treated , she looks at personal and political causes of eating diss . She confesses that having control over her body gave her an illusion of control over her life . In reality , anorexia was an impediment to a fully-fledged life . As an anorexic , she resembled a concentration camp prisoner , a chemotherapy patient , a famine victim or a fashion model . This is a very telling example of disempowerment of women in our culture which is manifested through female obsession with weight

3 ) My Body Is a Map of My Life : This short essay calls for greater acceptance of our bodies instead of finding flaws in our body shape and comparing ourselves to others . Learning to be comfortable with one 's nude body is a tool of liberation

4 ) We Are All Works in Progress : The author argues that each person should have the right to choose and express their sex and gender , and widespread bigotry can sometimes be life-threatening . Given that gender is a social construct , such positive developments as trans liberation must be endorsed . The author also suggests that the society now enters a phase of political reaction that endangers the achievements of the women liberation movement

Personal Response

While it 's true that the imposition of an ideal beauty standard is a tool of patriarchal oppression of women , little can be done to improve the situation without a broad consensus on the necessity of a change among women themselves . Unless women are ready to stand up for their social group rights , male chauvinists will continue to play on female sentiments concerning their body shape and look . Ideas , even if they are carefully planted by right-wing propaganda and mainstream media , don 't catch on if they don 't resonate with the popular opinion

While the need for liberation of women from the imposition of this standard is unquestionable , there is a danger of females fanatically embracing another extreme . Some women who deny the conventional beauty standard stop caring about...

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