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women in SWAT

Running Head : WOMEN IN SWAT

Women in SWAT



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Women in SWAT

SWAT is the special elite unit of the police force . SWAT stands for Special Weapons and Tactics . The name itself summarizes the main functions of a SWAT officer . They do what normal patrol officers can not do specifically in situations that are of high risk . In this kind of situations , SWAT officers are the the best option to use in minimize the loss of lives and damage of properties . Their extensive

br training in combat and handling of specialized weapons made them the best and most efficient life savers that people can rely on and trust in times of troubles

Given the immense responsibility and the rigorous training that SWAT officers go through , having women join this elite unit would bring a sense of diversity thus making the team more dynamic . I believe that gender should not be a major criteria in joining SWAT . Women should be allowed to become SWAT officers so that they can showcase their intelligence and capabilities as an individual and as enforcer of the law . More so , the generic training would make the multi-gender team more cohesive and also uniform because they will all be taught the same things so gender will not be an issue since whatever men can do , women can also do it

However , stereotyping and discrimination are expected in a culture like this that has long been dominated by men . But this kind of situation can serve as an opportunity for women to prove to the world that they deserve to be called SWAT officers because they are equipped with the necessary training , skills and intellect which are all needed in serving and protecting society

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