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womans rights movement in the 1960s

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Women 's rights movement in the 1960s

The definition of women 's interests in terms of individual rights is one that informs liberal feminism around the world and represents the mainstream of the U .S . women 's rights movements . Set onwards by white propertied men to endorse their welfare , the rights dialogue was espoused by the women 's rights movement , over and above by the social rights movement , the lesbian and gay rights movement

and most currently the movement for disability rights

In the mid 1900 's i .e . during the period of 1950 's and the 1960 's more and more married women joined the labor force , however the compensation that they were getting for the work they did was 63 percent of that which the men got in the year 1963 . During the same year , The Feminine Mystique was published by Betty Friedan in which the author criticized this issue so that it could help these working women and their sense of discontent could be brought in front of the world . The author in the book basically argued the fact that the women are not just to get married and bear children and even they have a sense of feeling and must be given the freedom of speech and expression . Taking this viewpoint the writer has written the book on the basis that the women should be allowed to take responsibilities...

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