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A woman of No importance Oscar Wilde

Running head : A WOMAN

A Woman of No Importance


A Woman of No Importance


The purpose of this essay is to analyze , explain , inform , and suggest An analysis of the various gender /sexuality , social status , religious and governmental power struggles that existed in the play is presented Explanation of various leadership styles is given . Information on whether or not the analyzed power struggles were evident in England and America . Suggestions about why these two countries differed are given The review begins with a discussion on the First


First Act

In the First Act , there was discussion on how some American states are as big as the entire countries of England and France . Also conversation between Lady Caroline and Miss . Worsley (Hester ) was about how Lady Caroline thought that Miss . Worsley had not right to be so particular over the people that others invited her to meet . This was because Miss . Worsley was considered as a foreigner and Mrs . Allonby (the lady that Hester did not know if she would like or dislike ) was considered to be royalty (Wilde 1893 . As a result , this scene suggested that everyone in England is not treated equally . In fact , this inequality later manifested itself in a number of conversations between various characters in the play . However , unfair treatment between men and women in England is not the only conversation in the play

The discussion shifted to how society perceived working individuals in both England and America . In England , workers never had the opportunity to become acquainted with high society . In fact , the high society members of England were considered more important and respected than those who held jobs (Wilde 1893 . This provides an indication that England 's power was one of a hierarchy where those at the top make all the decisions for the lower class levels to follow . In America , the play portrayed the people with the jobs as those who were highly respected in society (Wilde 1893 . This showed a power shift to the working class because this class had purchasing , bargaining , and selling power to keep the economy moving forward

At one point , Hester stated , Mr . Arbuthnot has a beautiful nature `He is so simple , so sincere ' `He has one of the most beautiful natures I have ever come across ' `[I can say that] it is a privilege to meet him (sic (Wilde 1893 , First Act . This statement is reminiscent of stereotyping . It indicates a power of persuasion that people are often able to portray themselves as having a good personality . However , in reality , they have faults and other faulty characteristics that would cause others to think of them in a different manner . Also , the fact that women had to conceal their feelings in England 's society , made it difficult for people to know their true personalities

Lady Caroline said , It is not customary in England .for a young lady to speak with such enthusiasm of any person of the opposite sex `English women conceal their feelings till...

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