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why do people cheat

Some of the reasons why people cheat are entirely based on emotional needs . However , people are not always perfect in their actions . In many cases , the strength of the relationship does not prevent conflicts Infidelity is the major cause of conflict in many relationships since it is about feeling emotionally connected to someone else

One of the main causes of infidelity is the need for or lack thereof appreciation . Some spouses who feel unloved or unappreciated may start looking outside their marriage for sources of comfort and affirmation These partners blame their

spouses for their infidelity rationalizing it as lack of attention and love from their partners

Another reason for infidelity is revenge . If your partner cheated on you before or you have suspicions about his or her faithfulness , this might lead you to trying to get back at your partner by committing similar offenses hence the saying by Gandhi "An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind " Perhaps you have secret anger or bitterness towards your partner , you should not hide it , let him or her know of your feelings and decide if you are able to forgive and forget . If you cannot , it is better to get out of the relationship rather than to stay and cheat

The third reason behind infidelity is self destruction . Some people have low self esteem in that even when something good happens to them they think they don 't deserve that gift . In response to their feelings they may go...

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