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why should minimum wage increase?


Millions of Americans are currently working for a living but are unfortunately not getting a living wage as a payback for their work . The level of the minimum wage continues to erode . It is neither in the common interest and nor is it in the interest of justice for individuals to work full-time and still remain below the poverty line . The reforming of the minimum wage by raising it as well as by indexing it for inflation is an important step toward achieving Franklin D . Roosevelt 's

target of helping the nation 's working poor by offering "a fair day 's pay for a fair day 's work (Shapiro , Isaac Greenstein 1

The overarching goal of federal minimum wage legislation is the reduction of poverty . In 2006 , backers of such legislation pointed out during congressional debate that nearly 36 million people live below the poverty-line today , the increased by 5 .4 million in the United States of America in the last 4 years that there has been no increase in the minimum wage , and we have seen a dramatic increase in the number of children who are living in poverty (State Minimum Wage Rates

An increase in minimum wage would increase the wages of millions of workers . Roughly thirteen million workers or ten percent of the workforce would see a rise in their hourly wage rate if for instance the minimum wage was raised from to 7 .25 by the year 2009 . A raise in the minimum wage would benefit working families significantly . The earnings of minimum wage workers happen to be very important to their families well-being . Figures from an analysis from the Economic Policy Institute of the 1996-97 minimum wage increase prove that the mean minimum wage worker earns 54 of the family 's earnings . According to the same analysis , roughly 1 ,229 ,000 single parent families would be affected by an increase in the minimum wage . Furthermore , 53 of employees who are likely to benefit from a rise in the minimum wage work full time

The exploitation of a class of workers who are in an unequal position with respect to bargaining power and are thus relatively defenseless against the denial of a living wage is not only detrimental to their health and well being but casts a direct burden for their support upon the community (Krumm 24 . An increase in the minimum wage can play an important part of a wider strategy for ending poverty . Just as welfare reforms like Medicare and Medicaid and those from employers force more poor families to fall back on their earnings from low-paying jobs , an increase in the minimum wage is going to have a significant impact on the goal of reducing poverty

The federal minimum wage has remained unchanged since September 1 , 1997 the last time an increase was authorized by Congress . In January 2007 the new House of Representatives , controlled by the Democratic Party overwhelmingly voted to increase the federal minimum wage to...

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