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why i want to be dietitian


Why I Want to be A Dietitian





Why I Want to be A Dietitian

Improving and maintaining the health of individuals is not solely the task of doctors . It is a well known fact that the diet of an individual is of vital importance to his or her overall welfare . Hence , dietitians who I plan to be , are also a necessary presence in the field of health care . In fact , dietitians are specifically tasked with the assessment planning , and

reevaluation of the diets of patients to improve their health and hasten their recovery (All Star Directories [ASD] , 2009 Aside from having an important role in maintaining health in the community , there are other positive aspects of being a dietitian . As for me , I want to be a dietitian based on the reasons regarding nature of work and its flexibility , recognition and respect , and financial stability

As mentioned , being a dietitian is associated with having flexibility in terms of options for work . As a matter of fact , there are three general classifications of tasks which can be handled by dietitians . For one , as already presented , dietitians may work in health care or medical facilities in to attend to the nutritional needs of the patients especially in their recovery . Another possible choice for dietitians is to work as community dietitians who mainly educate specific groups regarding proper diet . Also , the pursuit for further knowledge may also be satisfied by establishing a dietitian...

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