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why children should be vacinated

Children should get vaccinated

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This is a position essay on the contemporized fact that children should get vaccinated

In this world , be it humans or animals , love towards one 's children is considered to be the highest , compared to any other form of love . Humans especially , since we are more developed than animals , always like to think and care about the welfare of our children . With time , the protective attitude towards children has till remained the same , but the ways of

doing it has changed . Initially in the time before growth of proper civilizations , parents used to take care of their young ones , by protecting them against wild animals , and sewing them fur attires to keep them off cold climates . Today humans protect their children first by vaccinating them and help them become immune from diseases which were considered to be very lethal and dangerous in the olden times

The process of vaccination has been one of the biggest boons to mankind , and bigger windfall can be considered when the concept of vaccination started for babies and young kids . Vaccination is very important for children , as when they are vaccinated at tender ages they not only get immune to certain diseases , but also get a life long guarantee of not falling prey to certain deadly diseases . Children have weaker immune system than an adult and they are very susceptible for certain diseases which can either kill or cripple them very easily . Every country has some what the same basic vaccines , with a few add-ons here and there depending on their infection risks area . The new born babies , which are born , have a bit better immunity because of influence of their mother 's wombs as the essential antibodies had been provided to them in course of pregnancy itself

The vaccination system is very important and it has to be channeled and followed in a systematic way . The following will showcase the procedure of vaccination shot to be given

`The inoculation plan starts at an age of two months and , depending on the type , is repeated several times every four to six weeks . As from the 11th till 14th month , children should be vaccinated against measles mumps , rubella and chickenpox . Refresher jabs are needed at five to six years of age and between the 9th and 17th year of age . For the booster vaccination against diphtheria and for the basic immunization a vaccine with reduced volume of diphtheria toxoid , regularly combined with tetanus toxoid or other antigens is used (Vaccination for children

Diseases like influenza are very lethal among children and it is advised by all the medical boards for children from the age of 6 months to 23 months get adequately vaccinated for influenza . It has come up in reports that children under two years were very vulnerable to influenza , and only adequate vaccination can help children from this viscous disease . Every year hundred of children die from this lethal disease , because...

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