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The term polis (city-states ) symbolizes Greek philosophy and politics In Plato 's The Republic , he posits that polis is the ideal state where people operate according to the dictate of their nature . He also points out that justice is achieved within the polis when people act according to their calling , i .e . if a person is innately a shoemaker then he should be a shoemaker for the rest of his life , because in doing so the polis will be in harmony . During his time , the Greeks adopt aristocracy as their form of government

, in which power is biologically inherited

But Greeks political landscape changed drastically when people learned that their Greek Gods are xistent . People became delusional during this period , in which some of them resorted to Stoicism (the practice of believing that one must have self-control and to avoid being materialistic wherein detachment from disorienting emotions is necessary , while others embraced the coming of Roman Catholicism since it gives people hope that they can escape the predicament of Greek Dark Ages

Consequently , aristocracy did not flourish in Greek polis because of the effects of Greeks ' disillusionment . The Sophists (Protagoras Gorgias , etc ) who have a dissimilar philosophy with the Ancient philosophers (Socrates , Plato and Aristotle ) espouses that democracy should be the new government for the polis because it gives everyone the power to shape the future since the sovereignty of the polis is on the hands of its citizens . Democracy , from then on , became one of the major contributions of Greeks in the Westernization of world because many countries from different continents adopt such form of government



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