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week8 discussion 2 org 716

Unresponsiveness in Microsoft

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11 June 2009

Unresponsiveness in Microsoft

Of the three problems stated for publics by Scott , unresponsiveness is the key threat to Microsoft Corporation . Computer science is a dynamic field where information availability is important if goals and needs of users are to be accurately addressed . As a matter of fact , Microsoft as a company has to be responsive to the needs of information users and trends in technological development if they are to develop systems that are

relevant to information needs of their customers . Crime , corruption and even over conformity manifest within environments that are unresponsive . Unresponsive environments are characterized by constrained communication and lack of awareness on external and internal threats that an organization is faced with . Within such environments corruption and conformance to norms or trends without even considering their relevance to value generation and sustenance is a possibility that industry players have to deal with

As a CEO , being aware of the role played by the environment in determining the nature of threats and opportunities within and without the organization is important . This awareness must be transmitted to all levels of an organization as it forms the basis of effective strategic management . Ensuring that communication systems within the organization are affective , beefing up research on challenges that computer users face and seeking to develop awareness on developments in general information technology are the key areas I would develop

Without being responsive to customers there is a...

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