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Paper Topic:

week 4

Running head : Law , Democracy , Government policy and Employee behavior







Link between law , democracy , government policies , and employee behavior

Public behavior is regulated by compliance of Law . Law is created and legal authorities established for the purpose of maintaining an established social . Social includes public , all institutions and workplace . Law is created and should be adhered to even at workplace so as to prevent misconduct or egregious workplace behavior

Law is linked to employee behavior because it condones certain workplace behavior

which the company does not have policies or rules against so as to encourage or promote social behavior within and outside workplace . Such behaviors that employees engage are sexual harassment and physical assault . In such cases , the company may lay off the employee only to re-hire him or her later encouraging the behavior to go to deep lengths . The law will discipline the culprit by either a jail term or fine which will discourage the behavior from occurring again Any deviation from law constitutes a criminal behavior and is executable at a court of law

Criminal justice system has classification of criminal activities with respect to employees work environment and has set procedures and rules on how to conduct a court case concerning egregious workplace behavior

The private sector is affected by law because social has to be exercised within workplace , and employees in the private sector , if they commit any crime within workplace , will have to be executed in a court of law . The private sector has an obligation towards the society which requires them to establish and maintain a social and condone employee 's egregious behavior within and outside work environment

Democracy affects workplace environment , communication issues in particular , and this affects employee behavior . Democracy at workplace entails its application in all issues , activities and processes (Derina R . Holtzhausen , 2002 . Unions at workplace normally exercise Democracy but also those organizations without unions also have some kind of Democracy

Command hierarchy is a commonly employed method of workplace Democracy where , the boss can hire or fire anyone and takes responsibility and accountability of his or her own wellbeing and issues under him or her Democracy should be exercised in such issues as decision making , voting debates , appeal systems , and Democratic structuring . It ensures that managerial powers are controlled and no manager should have complete control over one employee so that employees are not fired at will by managers

Democratic structuring is a better method of democracy because it allows major decisions to take consideration of such democratic norms as deliberative democracy , co-leadership and gender equity . These norms will ensure that no employees (including decision makers those who are not involved in policy making ) are discriminated against . Lack of democracy at workplace leads to lack of commitment , management mistakes reduced morale , poor team work , and low employee turnover (Derina R Holtzhausen , 2002 . This is because people discriminated against are helpless to give their appeal for what they think...

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