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wedding in SaudiArabia

Riyal currency (Monger 105 . The amount of dowry depends on the social status of the family of the bride . The more influential the family , the higher is the dowry to be paid

Court registry is now part of the marriage in Saudi Arabia . A contract is based on the negotiation of the groom and a male representative from the bride 's family . A witness will attest the validity of the contract under the Sharia law . After the document is signed , the marriage is considered valid and binding . The marriage contract can also

include prenuptial agreements like children custodies , divorce , and permission of wife to travel outside the country and if marriage should be terminated in case the husband dies (Wells 172

Sahria Law allows male Arabs to marry up to four wives (Kavanwal . But he must assure the family of the wife that he can support everything and provide a good life to all of his wives and children . Now that the modern period is costly , more and more Saudi men prefer marrying 1 wife only . The cost of getting married is never easy because it includes many things and practices (Kavanwal

Signing the marriage contract in the court is not the only basis of marriage in Saudi . It should be incorporated by a henna party where the wedding events are held for the bride and another party for the groom (Robertson . Henna parties are intended for the bride only (Monger 150 It is usually done before the wedding and a sugaring is done where all body hairs are removed from the bride . There are also instances where female circumcision is done during henna parties . If the sugaring was not able to remove all the hair from the bride 's body , the groom has the right to divorce her because...

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