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In what ways are sex and gender related? In what ways do they differ? Why is gender considered a dimension of social stratification? How does gender intersect other dimensions of inequality such as class, race, and ethnicity?

Running head : SEX AND GENDER

Sex and Gender


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Sex and Gender

In this , we will discuss the ways sex and gender is related to each other as well as their differences . We will also see why gender is considered a dimension of social stratification . And lastly , we will explain how gender intersects with other dimensions of inequality such as class , race and ethnicity

Sex and Gender are two different terms . Sex refers to the biological attributes of a

person at birth which says more of his or physique . On the other hand , the term gender is the concept of masculinity and being male or femininity and being female (Boulder County Colorado , 2007 Sex is a binary category wherein one is either male or female . Gender is a category wherein he or she can be more or less feminine or masculine than he or she actually was

Gender is considered as dimension of social stratification . Social stratification is the hierarchal categorization of social classes of people . Gender is the traits and the social meaning the society to the sex of an individual . Thus gender defines the social status of an individual

Gender intersects with other dimensions of inequality such as class race and ethnicity because the meaning of gender , being a human invention , is based on the class , race and ethnicity of the community the individual belongs to . Gender also shares the same experience of inequality in terms that it matters to the society if you are female male , gay or lesbian . There are societies where gays and lesbians are still not accepted . Moreover , at workplace , the male probably receives more jobs and more rewards than female . The traditional believe is that male can do better and heavier works than female

Gender , class , race , and ethnicity are interlocking systems of inequalities as well as of subordination and domination . Meaning , if we will talk about women it is not just about gender but it includes other social factors - the race , class , sexual orientation . If one of these dimensions is visible in an analysis , other interlocking characters will likely be visible as well (cited in Anderson and Collins , 2001


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