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In what ways were the civilizations of Mesopotamia and Egypt alike? In what ways were they different?






Comparison of the civilization of Mesopotamia and Egypt

The civilization of man is a process that has taken thousand of years to be where it is today . Initially man led a nomadic hunter and gatherer lifestyle before evolving to attain the civility we are in today Civilization was not just a unique process that happened in one particular part of the world rather it took place in various places The two civilizations of Egypt and Mesopotamia were such civilizations which were quite unique

of each other yet they had qualities that were similar even though others were different (Oliphant M 33

These two civilizations along with the civilizations of India and China appeared 5 ,000 years ago and one characteristic that defined all of them was that they existed along the banks of large rivers . In the Mesopotamian civilization , the major rivers within which it existed were the Tigris and Euphrates rivers . The Egyptian civilization on the other hand took place along River Nile they were actually called river civilization for this fact . However besides this particular similarity their difference came about by how each responded to the rivers (Oliphant M 36

The name Mesopotamia was derived from the fact that it developed between two rivers the Tigris and the Euphrates , the name means between rivers . The economic development in this region was realized through irrigation canals because the areas were arid Mesopotamia played a significant trade role between Asia Minor , Syria and the Mediterranean area (Algaze G 45 ) Egypt 's territory on the other hand was situated along Nile River . The Egypt territory was divided into Upper Egypt kingdom and Lower Egypt kingdom

Two different people occupied the area of Mesopotamia they included the Assyrians who occupied North of Mesopotamia (Assyria ) and the southern part was inhabited by the Akkadians and Sumerians . Power used to alternate between the two (Algaze G 45

The Egyptian and the Mesopotamian societies engaged in extensive trading although there was a difference in tone . Mesopotamia was a comparatively difficult environment thus was very difficult to manage This called for certain technological advancements compared to the Egyptian society . The Mesopotamian trade was more extensive and depended mostly on commercial law and merchant class

In both civilizations the political power was strong with an all powerful king who controlled everything . The king was the commander in chief of the army and he had the responsibility of passing laws and also possessed religious functions . To manage his possession the king had a retinue of civil servants to manage the kingdom (Baines J Jaromir M 20

The Pharaoh was the king of Egypt and he had all the powers including possession all land . Passing of laws , supervising trade and leading the army in war were some of his major roles . The Egyptian society regarded the Pharaoh as a god and never touched or looked him in the eye and believed in his magical powers . The kingdom was a dynasty and the heir to...

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