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vunerable population

Vulnerable Population


Approximately 1 million teens become pregnant each year in the United States . Due to physiological and social reasons , not all of them result in successful live births of infants . Mainly due to the facts that teens are immature to handle the brunt of parenthood and the physique of the mother is not ready to handle the pregnancy , many of these pregnancies result in abortions and miscarriages , and normal birth is almost an accidental phenomenon . The statistical data is enormous in the sense that out of these 1 million

pregnancies , 520 ,000 result in successful births 405 ,000 abortions and 80 ,000 miscarriages . The astonishing fact is that , more than 10 of the California has the second highest teen pregnancy rate in the nation . By 2025 , Latino youth will account for 60 of the youth population in California . There has been considerable pressure to address the particular needs of this population . A major issue of concern is high rate of teenage pregnancies among the Latino youth , and this rate is higher than that of any other racial or ethnic group . Nationally , the birth rate of Latino teens is twice higher than the non-Latino whites In California , the Latino adolescents are four times as likely to become parents as whites . As a result , it is of utmost importance to conduct research activity about finding out the reasons of teen parenthood among the Latino youth to be able to assist them to delay it or to aid young Latino parents to prevent or postpone additional teen births . California Latino youths and adolescents may serve as a pilot in such a study

The national campaign to prevent teen pregnancy looks at this problem in an analytical approach in to find out the solution of this problem since this has an impact on the national birth rates and population load . Although the United States has made great strides in reducing teen pregnancy and childbearing , the success rates have neither been uniform nor even . Too many teens are still becoming parents , and nowhere is the problem more acute than in the Latino community . About 50 of the Latino teens get pregnant at least once before the age 20 when the childbearing organs are not yet ready to accommodate the changes necessary for a successful timely pregnancy . As has been mentioned earlier , the Latino have had the highest teen birth rates of any major ethnic /racial minority in the country since 1995 . Overall national teen birth rates have decreased overall , but compared to other groups , the Latino teen pregnancy rates have declined at a higher pace . Another astounding fact is that the Latino population is the largest and the fastest growing minority group in the United States so that by 2025 , one in every five teens in the country will be Latino . Thus Latino community teen pregnancy rates will invariably be affecting the national statistics extraordinarily . Despite having a rich culture , the Latino community in California like any other state in the United...

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