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Whether voting should be mandatory in the United States?





Whether voting should be mandatory in the United States

Voting refers to the process where a group of people make their decision or express their views about something . Voting can be done through various methods . For example , it can be done through discussions , debates or even election campaigns . Through voting , an individual expresses support or preference of a proposition , or a candidate . In any democratic system , voting is through an election Political voting results in appointment of representatives in a certain government (Lupia and

McCubbins 1998

In the United States , elections during the earliest elections were conducted either by voice vote or ballots that were put into ballot boxes . Later improvements followed after growth of the United States and expansion of the electorate decades after the civil war . The Australian or blanket ballot form was introduced . It listed the names of all candidates . The ballot boxes were also installed with new security features

In the 1960s , the United States elections moved from mechanical to electronic . There was introduction of computer-read ballot systems which triumphed over mechanical machines . A computer punch card ballot is perforated by the votes either by using a stylus or punch . In the 1990s , computer touch screen came into use where votes are captured digitally . This is through use of familiar graphic layouts by Direct Recording Electronic (DRE ) Voting systems

According to Smithstein (2005 ) the ability to vote is as a result of a cherished constitutional right . Many people fought for it , marched for it and even died . Voting ensures a country remains democratic Citizens , who fail to vote , can be said to give away their right to influence the government . The will of the minority normally replaces the will of the majority , when some citizens fall to vote (Campbell , et al . 1960

It is worth noting that , in the United States the voter turn out during the elections has been declining over the years . This has raised concerns and a proposition to make voting mandatory should be looked at In support of this proposition and those against it will be examined

To begin with , support for making the United States elections mandatory would be very beneficial to the citizens and the state as a whole Mandatory voting for all eligible voters ensure positive change in the system of governance and other aspects of state development . Through voting , citizens bring change by electing people who implement change even at the grass root level . Public health issues and education policies are set by the government through its elected and appointed officials . These policies will determine whether the change made improves the standards of living of its citizens (Smithsonian , NMA

The winning president in an election has an enormous impact on the people children 's future for many years that follow . The president has the powers to nominate a new justice and Supreme Court . The Supreme Court is very important in the United States . It is responsible for making the ultimate decision on how...

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