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virtue ethics and capital punishment

For the last decades , people around the world employed death penalty as a solution in minimizing crimes . However , many countries already abolished capital punishment including Philippines . Among the retentionist countries , implement death penalty on juveniles (e .g . Iran executed 4 child criminals in 2006 . In China , inmates were executed by firing squad . In the Philippines , criminals were executed through lethal injection (before capital punishment had been abolished in 2006 . The practice of death penalty had been accepted in developing and authoritarian countries . In Asia , the death penalty is widely supported by

the public (in retentionist countries ) while the European community restricts practicing death penalty

Abolition and /or retention of capital punishment in democratic countries are supported by the public . In such cases (some abolitionist countries ) the public supported capital punishment . In Europe , most countries abolished death penalty as an entry condition in European Union . In United States , some states abolished capital punishment (Michigan in 1846 . The states in U .S . do employ independent charges for death penalty

Debates have been continuously occurring regarding capital punishment whether it is right to implement or not . In consideration to the ethical perspective , death penalty was often abolished . In a particular case which involves brutal murder , some countries employ death sentencing (only in brutal crimes . In United States , miscarriage of justice tends for the judiciary to revive a debate on capital punishment instead of abolishing it

Our virtue ethics says that every individual has an equal right to live and seek happiness . In a just community , taking lives is not permitted The act of executing a criminal is unjust and immoral to the society Thus , implementing capital punishment in a moral community violates its beliefs . There must be an alternative way of finding justice in individuals committing unjust to the community . In addition , punishment...

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