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Paper Topic:

The use of racial profiling as a law enforcment technique in domestic crime enforcement and counter-terrorism


The practice of law enforcement remains to be an essential part and aspect of effective state policy towards security and protection . In the United States , national security remains to be a top priority especially during the post 9 /11 attacks . However , effective and efficient policing must be subjected towards non-biased and non-discriminatory practices to ensure the integrity . However , looking the aftermath of September 2001 there has been an increased instance of racial profiling among authorities that caries a concern not only to state legislators but also towards a multicultural and

diverse American society

General Comments

Seeing this , it is essential that there be a national consensus backed up by legislation to actively combat the increasing effects of racial profiling . The event at World Trade Center opened up new ideas and prompted a reevaluation of values that is centered at ensuring that fair and effective law enforcement be established . With these scenarios , it is downright essential for groups , organizations and state entities to actively collaborate and create the necessary means to combat racial profiling

However , it is never an easy task to accomplish . Many scholars argue that such idea remains to be embedded in American practice , there must be a constant effort to reorganize values and principles to coincide with law enforcement that harmonizes with the idea of diversity fairness and accountability . Likewise , change must initiate in both state and district areas so as to promote an environment that is encompassing and holistic in approach

In the end , the practice...

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