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use operant conditioning principles to reduce disruptive behaviors

: use operant conditioning principles to reduce disruptive behaviors

Specifications : 1 Page , 1 Source , APA Style

: language psychology assignment that is based on knowledge of general psychology let me know if you have any questions or cannot complete this essay . The question to answer in this essay is : Mr . Byrne cant understand why scolding his seventh grade students for disruptive classroom behaviors makes them more unruly . Explain Mr . Byrnes predicament in terms of operant conditioning principles . Show how he could use operant conditioning techniques to (a ) reduce disruptive behaviors and (b

) increase cooperative behaviors . Thanks a million

According to the Operant Conditioning theory proposed by Skinner , the individual learns a particular behavior through interaction with the environment . When the individual interacts with his or her environment the events or stimuli that occur in the environment would result in the individual changing his or her behavior . For example , if the individual performs a particular action , if he gets a positive reinforcement from the environment (such as a price or an incentive , there are chances that there would be an increase in the performance of such a response in the future . On the other hand , a negative reinforcement from the environment for the individual 's response is more likely to reduce the performance of such a response in the future . However , negative reinforcements may not always be likely to reduce the performance of undesired behavior in the future . This may be because of the presence of certain instinctive emotions and inner feelings that may result in the individual continuing to perform the undesired behavior . The best way to tackle this would be to perform the negative reinforcements along with positive reinforcements for any positive behavior performed by the individual (Peace Motivate , 2006 University of Texas , 2007

In this way , Mr . Byrnes would be unable to control the undisruptive behavior of the class . The students are continuing their disruptive behavior due to the inner feelings and emotions that are frequently associated with negative reinforcements . Mr Byrnes should understand this

Mr . Byrnes could use the operant conditioning theory in to reduce the disruptive behavior of the students and increase the positive behavior . He should use the negative reinforcements (to suppress the undesired behavior ) and at the same time demonstrate positive reinforcements for even the slightest positive behavior demonstrated by the students . Specifically , Mr . Byrne would have to punish the students through several means such as giving them imposition , extra-home work making the issue known to others in the class , informing the parents physical work , etc , so that they are able to identify that the difference between the treatment students having good behavior and those having disruptive behavior are receiving . At the same time , for even a small amount of positive behavior from the students , Mr . Byrne should provide positive reinforcement . Some of the means include giving a good word , informing other students about the improvements made , informing the parents and the higher authorities , etc . All these actions would encourage the...

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