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should the united states government grant amnesty to illegal immigrants

Should the United States government grant amnesty to illegal immigrants


For a long period of time , illegal immigration has been under scrutiny as a major point of focus to intense deliberation and debate in the United States . This has been heightened by further debate about the government 's open immigration policy . The open immigration policy adopted by the Bush Government has been a point of criticism as a major encouragement to the escalated state of illegal immigration into the U .S . Most of those who have opposed the open immigration policy

use the same grounds to oppose the illegal immigration . But that aside , we are still left with the big issue here should the United States government grant amnesty to illegal immigrants ? Though this is a crucial subject of discussion , this article endeavors to answer this question by critically analyzing the views of both sides while considering the relevance and applicability of the state law . In addition , the also looks into the factors that encourage this illegal immigration


In the U .S . Code under Title 8 Sec 1325 , illegal immigration is considered a federal crime . Under the section , an illegal immigrant is anyone who does any of the following

Gets into or attempts to enter the US at whichever time or place except as designated by the officers concerned with immigration of persons

Dodges assessment or inspection by the officers of immigration

Makes an attempt to come into or acquires entry to the United States by an intentionally forged or deceptive representation or the intractable disguise of a material face . Anyone found guilty of any or combination of the above acts is considered guilty of felony and is fined as well as serving prison time (Lauzen , 2007

Supporters of the enforcement (Anti-Amnesty

As of now , the current estimates made by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR ) indicate that the number of illegal immigrants living in the U .S is way above eight million . The big challenge however is felt in the socio-economic parts of the society as more influence and constraint is felt on the economy , job availability , moral concerns racism and the environment . The opponents of illegal immigration use such factors to arrive at a stand that amnesty should not be granted to illegal immigrants . Since all the above constraints put on the resources are not at all to the interest of the entire public , FAIR proposes a tighter b security to curb illegal immigration and endorses an immigration policy that is consistent with the interest of the entire nation . Additionally , illegal immigrants put more pressure on the available social amenities such that there is danger of poor living standards for the citizens

The amnesties or government pardoning of violation of immigration regulations have been there for long though the first major amnesty to illegal immigrants was way back in 1986 where a good number of immigrants counting in millions (about three millions ) were issued with green cards which later gave them US citizenship . From...

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