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What do you understand by the term job satisfaction? Evaluate whether it is important for modern organisation to improve the quality of working life for their employees? GIve reasons for your answer.



Recent study of Mercer Human Resource Consulting reveals that fewer than two-thirds of employees in UK are satisfied with their current jobs . This is actually ten percent decrease from the previous years findings . Every year , more and more employees become dissatisfied and restless with their jobs . While more opportunities are opened , people tend to develop a mindset the grass is greener ' elsewhere

The question on what job satisfaction really is is but inevitable . What does it mean ? How can one be satisfied with his /her job ? Why do

br organizations of today need to respond to this issue concerning its most important part - human resource ? This seeks to answer this question and to understand what job satisfaction is all about

What Job Satisfaction is

In its most basic sense , job satisfaction describes how content an individual is with his or her job . It is a relatively recent term since in previous centuries the jobs available to a particular person were often predetermined by the occupation of that person 's parent . There are actually a variety of factors that affect one 's satisfaction from his /her job . This includes the level of pay and benefits , the working environment which refers to the leadership above him /her and the relationship with colleagues , one 's perception of the organization 's growth and promotion system and even the job itself - its nature , its scope in relation to one 's skills and interests

One famous factor is the level of financial compensation and benefit package of an employee . A good number of people seeking for a job consider the pay as determinant in deciding whether or not to go with the job . This is traced back to an employee 's need to earn for a living to earn to address his /her basic needs and the people he /she is supporting . Hence , one considers the proportionality of the level of efforts and services that are expected from him with the level of payment he /she gets to have upon accomplishing them

Another one is the environment that one has in his /her job . This basically refers to the main relationships one is into - with his leader or boss and with her colleagues . The way a leader leads people greatly influences the performance and consequently , the level of satisfaction of employees . When a leader , for instance , demands more than he expects a passionate and competitive employee may be more satisfied compare to that who works not for competition but for self-accomplishment Relationship in work then may make or break one 's contentment

One 's perception of the organization 's growth and reward system is also one big factor to job satisfaction . If an employee perceives that the way people are promoted and /or demoted in the organizational structure is unfair , he /she ends up not striving any harder to be promoted . One either gets satisfied and stunts his /her growth or strives to prove something and even be more challenged . This scenario is...

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