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Paper Topic:

Should undercover police officers be premited to pose as a high school students to indentify sellers and sures of drugs?(yes or no)

At the same time , undercover police officers pledge to stay away from any means that may mislead , misguide , or trap students in any manner . In other words , police officers do not use entrapment strategies in high schools . For instance , police officers are not allowed to use the exact term of drugs , cocaine , ecstasy , or even name of any drug or arm , in to avoid any risks of entrapping students . In this regard undercover police officers use the term like fun stuff , etc to identify drug sellers and buyers in the schools , and thus

, it avoids any chances of promoting such activity in the schools (Bovard , pp . 39-44

In brief , the has identified and argued that although jobs and tasks performed by undercover police officers have confronted greater amount of criticisms from media , experts , and educators however , such undercover officers are playing a vital and significant role in identifying culprits in high schools , and thus , preventing creation of new generation of educated criminals in the society . In other words undercover police officers must be allowed to pose as students , or even professors and teachers , in to prevent drug selling or buying in or near school premises . Conclusively , the has discussed and argued some of the significant aspects of undercover police officers in high schools . It is hoped that the will be beneficial for students in better understanding of the circumstances that enforce law enforcement officials to pose as students in high schools , and significant effects of such jobs by undercover police officers

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